Providing its teacher members the flexibility to work on their own terms, Telmeeth enables teachers to reach out to more students near them. Teachers can turn on their app whenever they are available for providing lessons, without any pre-defined timings or schedules. Also, they get to contact students directly and work at locations convenient to them.

With Telmeeth’s hassle-free and transparent remuneration system, teachers collect their fees from the students and pay app charges (20% of your total earnings from Telmeeth + tax) to Telmeeth co. every two weeks. No hidden charges, no complexities. Also, the app keeps a record of all the lessons imparted and fees earned, making it easier for teachers to track their earnings.


1. Sign Up

Download the app, fill the sign-up form and submit it.

2. Get Verified

Submit your educational qualification certificates, ID proof and personal photograph for verification.

3. Start Teaching

Once your profile gets activated, you can start teaching and earning money.

4. Accept lesson request

Based on student and your location, student can request for a now lesson from you. You can accept this lesson request by just tapping on the screen.

5. Start lesson

Once you reach the student’s location or the student reaches your location for the lesson, you can start the lesson.

6. Lesson duration

lesson duration will start counting upon your clicking start a lesson. You also get an option to end the lesson at any time you or student would like by just pressing at end lesson button.

7. Add lesson schedule

Schedule lessons for students.

8. View calendar for booked & scheduled lessons

You can view your calendar anytime for an overview of all the lessons you have been booked for & you scheduled it.

9. Manage payment to Telmeeth admin

The student pays you post the lesson and then you make payment to Telmeeth every two weeks. You can easily manage these payments through the Telmeeth app.


Work On Your Own Terms
With no pre-defined timings or schedules, you can turn on the app whenever you are available to provide lessons. Also, you can add time slots you are available at so that students can schedule lessons based on them.
Get Referral Discounts
Get a SR 300 discount on app charges when:

  • a teacher/student invited by you completes 30 Hours
  • multiple teachers invited by you complete a total of 30 hours
  • multiple students invited by you complete a total of 30 hours
Reach Out To More Students
Telmeeth’s network enables you to offer your teaching services to a wide range of students that would have been otherwise difficult to reach for an individual.




Experience Certificate For Sessions Taken
We provide all our teachers with experience certificates for the work they do with us, to strengthen their careers and credibility.
Accurate Navigation To Student Location
Our automatic GPS navigation system provides you clear and easy to follow turn-by-turn directions to your students’ locations. Also, if a student is coming to your location for a lesson, you can track their location.
Hassle-Free & Transparent Remuneration
Teachers collect their fees directly from the students and can easily track their earnings on the app on a real-time basis.

Verify Certificate