With the flexibility to get a lesson anytime, anywhere, Telmeeth app offers lessons in a wide range of subjects based on the current educational curriculum. Telmeeth has a network of qualified teachers that students and their parents can choose from. Based on lesson requirements, the study information entered by you, preferred student and teacher location, the app searches teachers. The students get matched to a teacher and can then view the teacher’s profile. The app also allows you to add teachers to your prefer list so you can easily get matched with your preferred teacher/s depending on their availability. Once a lesson is booked, the arrival time of the teacher can be easily tracked through the app as well as on the map. Once the lesson ends, you can rate your teacher so that we can maintain and improve the quality of our teachers. For added ease, the app also maintains a record of all the lessons availed and payments made.


1. Choose Location

Choose where you want to take the lesson – at your pre-defined home location or at the teacher’s location.

2. Enter Lesson Requirements

Choose subject.

3. Book Teacher

Book a teacher based on teacher profiles and ratings.

4. Request lessons from available teachers

Based on your lesson requirement, location and teachers’ location you can request a lesson from teachers around you.

5. View calendar for scheduled lessons

You can view your calendar anytime for an overview of all the lessons you have scheduled.

6. Book lessons scheduled by teachers

You can also book lessons from teachers lessons scheduled on your suitable time.

7. Call teachers and track their location

Once a teacher accepts your lesson request, you can call them and track their location to know how far they are from the lesson location.


Time window to accept the lesson

See available teachers in real-time

Based on your and teachers’ locations, the app searches for teachers available near you in real-time.

Manage your lesson calendar

You can view your lesson calendar anytime and manage booked lessons as well as book new lessons.


Book Anytime, Anywhere
Telmeeth app enables you to connect with a teacher suited to your needs anytime, anywhere in a few simple steps.
Book Lesson Now Or Schedule For Later
Students have the option to book lessons immediately or schedule lessons for the future based on the time slots available.
Teacher Profiles & Ratings
When you’re matched with a teacher, you can see their name, phone number (available only upon booking), how far they from your location, their rating and your list of preferred teachers. Additionally, you can also track your teacher’s arrival.
Preferred Teacher

Telmeeth app allows you to add teachers to your prefer list so you can easily get matched with your preferred teacher/s depending on their availability.

Anonymous Feedback

After every lesson, you can rate the teacher and provide anonymous feedback about your lesson. We review all feedback and act on it promptly so that you have a great experience Telmeeth app every time.

24/7 Support

Our support team is always available and ready to respond to any questions you may have about your lesson or our services.

Also to ensure student safety, Telmeeth keeps a thorough record of information such as personal ID and educational certificates of all the teachers registered with it.